Important Considerations For Your Dissertation Prospectus

A dissertation is the most important part piece of writing you need to do before you graduate. It is not easy and no wonder the dropout rate for students at this point is very high. If you want to ace the project, you need to research everything about this form of writing. One of the most crucial albeit overlooked components in this project is the dissertation prospectus. In this dissertation prospectus guide, you will learn everything required at this stage to set a good foundation for the project. Keep reading.

What is a Dissertation Prospectus?

Most candidates experience a big problem in distinguishing a dissertation prospectus vs. proposal. Now a prospectus is a document you need to write to indicate what you have planned out in your dissertation writing. It is a document presented to the head of your department or your supervisory committee in some cases. Unlike a proposal, the purpose of this document is not to ask for approval but rather to inform your department about your next course of action.

It is not a huge document, but in summary, the dissertation prospectus outline should delineate topics and areas the dissertation will explore reasons the chosen topic and area merit such exploration. It is a roadmap that will also guide you in the process though you might have to change some aspects as you progress with the actual project.

Dissertation Prospectus Format

While the requirements for a dissertation prospectus format might vary from one college to the other or from department to another, the main components remain uniform. Among the things your supervisors expect in the document include:

  1. Precise title: A good title should highlight the nature and direction of your dissertation project. Remember the title is the first thing the reader will notice hence the need to put some effort in proper wording.
  2. Project thesis statement: You need to include the central question that your dissertation will address. To understand how to phrase this, look at a dissertation prospectus sample as it will help you in other sections of the document as well. Make sure the question leads directly to the work you need to start doing.
  3. The basis for the paper: Here you need to link your thesis to previous scholarship in your discipline. In essence, you want to indicate the importance of the research you have in mind for the scientific community. Make sure you give a brief and convincing reason for your work.
  4. Methodology: Look at a similar dissertation prospectus example in your discipline to get an idea of the techniques you can employ in your research. The methodology that will guide your writing is crucial in determining the success of the entire project.
  5. Feasibility: How possible is your project in the proposed study area? Do you have the necessary materials? Is the time available enough for the scope of the work you have in mind? For instance, do you need to use a dissertation proposal defense PowerPoint? Make sure you answer all these questions.
  6. Bibliography: A selective bibliography of sources crucial to your dissertation.

Eight to ten pages are ideal for all this information. Go ahead now and write a well-planned dissertation prospectus.

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