What To See In An APA Dissertation Format

The American Psychological Association has strict guidelines that must be followed when writing a dissertation. There are many things to see in a dissertation format APA experts recommend for use.

Approval Statement

The approval statement shows that your dissertation has been accepted. This offers proof that your paper is legitimate. The approval should be handled by your instructor or other entity involved with your course that is responsible for seeing what students are doing.


The abstract will give the reader an idea of what your paper is about. A dissertation example education providers might use should be around a hundred words in length without giving away too many of the results of the report. Your abstract can work as a good summary of your report while letting the reader understand what you are getting out of your efforts.

Title and Dedication

The title must include a brief discussion of what you are going to do with your paper. Meanwhile, you do not have to include a dissertation in your paper if you do not know of anyone you wish to dedicate it to. But a dissertation dedication example should reveal that this section only has to be a few words in length.


An introduction may be used at this point. This should include a look at what inspired the paper and the background of what may be found here. You can incorporate your example dissertation research questions into the introduction if you wish, although this is not required.

Literature Review

The literature review includes several citations that relate to whatever your subject is about. A dissertation APA format example should include several citations that produce a frame for what your paper will be about.


The method you will use in your dissertation refers to how you are going to find data for your paper. This may be included in a dissertation proposal format to give people an idea of what you wish to do for finding content for your paper.


The next part of the dissertation format APA professionals use entails the results. You will list details on how well your research went and what might have come about in your work.


You might notice in your results that the things that happened produced certain results that are different from what you expected. Maybe those results might have proved a certain trend in your work. Whatever the case may be, you can use the discussion to explain what you have just written. You can use the discussion to formulate answers for a sample dissertation defense PowerPoint presentation.


The conclusion will wrap up your paper in general. This is not a summary of the paper, but rather a reflection of what you have written about.


Don’t forget about the appendices in your paper. These include charts and questionnaires that you wish to use.

Be aware of how well your dissertation is laid out. This is to help you ensure you don’t worry about any problems with getting this important paper written.

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